Online Casino Gambling Bonuses and How To Get Them

January 10, 2017

Many times when a player signs up and deposits to an online casino, they forget to use the deposit bonus that comes with the option. They miss out on the bonus they could otherwise receive and have left money on the table. This article shows how to make sure you get the bonus before the initial deposit.
Like Vegas that has enticing offers to thrill players to come and gamble, so do online casino gambling websites. They have gambling bonus offers that are totally amazing. Some of them include $1,000 and up to $10,000 in extra money. But you have to do the homework on the kind of bonus you will receive. In many cases, you have to play a certain amount of games. And sometimes there are only certain games like slots, keno or scratch tickets that are applicable to getting the bonus. Sometimes casinos offer multiple bonuses for different games. They all vary but when you sign up with one bonus code, that is applicable for one bonus only. You can’t sign up for a slots bonus and think it will be applicable to a video poker bonus. Each bonus code is different. You need to look at each bonus code for the best code for you. And most casinos have several types of online casino bonuses to choose from.

Calling or having live chat with customer support is the best way to clarify your concerns. This is also a good way to assess the casino overall. If the customer support works well, you can be sure everything is working well also. For example, one casino didn’t respond to live chat or emails. It was no wonder players had a hard time getting money out of the casino when they went to cash out. The response of customer support is a great indication of a reliable casino that addresses your bonus concerns.

There are several types of bonuses most casinos offer. They are new player, loyalty, seasonal , daily, and game specific. New player bonuses are just that. When you sign up to a casino for the first time on a computer, you are eligible for the new player bonus with your initial deposit. Loyalty bonuses are for those long-term players who want casino comp for their playing. For those who like a certain casino, this works out well. In addition, casinos have seasonal bonuses like Christmas or Spring bonuses. And casino also have bonuses for certain games. Slots, keno and scratch tickets are one type of game specific bonus, video poker is another type of bonus. Some casinos offer bonuses on baccarat, blackjack as well. Again, calling or having live chat with customer support is a great way to find which kind of bonus will work for your needs as well as cash out policy.

The cash out policy is most important to know. If you win when you first go in, you are not always eligible to cash out so quickly. You have to bet a certain amount of time before you can collect winnings. For example, one online casino bonus policy states you need to bet 30 times the bonus amount before you can collect winnings. This means if you have a bonus of $100, you need to bet at least $3000 before being eligible to receive any cash. This is the base multiple for slots players , for other games the requirement is 60 times the bonus amount or, per example, $6,0000. That’s quite a lot of betting but it can happen quickly for games like slots or multi-hand type games. Now at the same casino, there is another bonus with no maximum restriction at all. So, due to the variety of bonuses available and cash out requirements, you should check each one carefully before selecting a bonus. Again, calling or having a live chat with customer support is great here to guide you to the best decision.

In summary, online casinos offer bonuses for people to play in their casinos. Though it might seem like a big welcome, there are many types of bonuses and policies for each of the bonuses . Casinos are in business to make money and they won’t if they give it all away. Double check the requirements for each casino and verify with customer support. You might find a bonus offer that meets your needs and you can gamble with

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